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7 Reasons why Spanish is the Best

by suzanne.pope on Friday, April 28, 2017

‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.’ Over 400 million native Spanish speakers world-wide would probably agree with us that Spanish is the best! We think so too, and here are a few reasons why you should learn Spanish as your second language.

1. It’s a global language.

If you want to visit beautiful destinations and understand the culture on a deeper level, Spanish will give you that ability in at least 21 countries where it is the official language. Imagine traveling to Ecuador or Mexico or even Spain, and being able to get around and meet local residence on your own, without a guide!

2. Spanish opens a whole world of interesting more »

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A Photo Journey through Tenerife | Un viaje fotográfico por Tenerife

by suzanne.pope on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Although Tenerife is quite a remote destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and geographically nearer to Africa than Europe, it’s no stranger to tourism. Tourist flock to the largest Canary Island year-round for its great weather, even naming it the “Island of Eternal Spring”. So why did I go there? Well, for starters, it was an easy flight (yes, I mean cheap and only three hours) from my home in Madrid. I prefer to avoid crowds, talk to locals, go hiking and see the island, so I booked a hotel in Puerto de la Cruz near don Quijote Spanish School and rented a car. My mission (I always have a mission when I travel): find the prettiest beach...or forest…or both (spoiler, I found both).    Aunque Tenerife nos puede parecer una isla remota por su situación en el centro del Atlántico, más cercana a África que Europa, es un destino turístico muy popular. Enormes grupos de turistas acuden durante todo el año a la mayor de las Islas Canarias por su excelente tiempo, de hecho Tenerife recibe el apodo de “Isla de la eterna primavera”. ¿Por qué fui hasta allí? Bien, para empezar porque es sencillo (sí, quiero decir también “barato” y solo tres horas) volar hasta allí desde mi casa, en Madrid. Mi intención era evitar las multitudes, hablar con la gente local, hacer senderismo y ver la isla, así que reservé mi habitación en un hotel del Puerto de la Cruz cerca de la escuela de español don Quijote  y alquilé un coche. Mi misión (siempre me impongo una misión cuando viajo): encontrar la playa más bonita… o el bosque… (os lo destriparé, encontré ambos). A journey through this unique Spanish island was a great start to spring 2017. Follow my journey through some favorite photos below and leave comments or any questions you might have about traveling Spain or learning Spanish in Tenerife! Un viaje por esta isla fue una estupenda manera de comenzar la primavera de 2017. Acompáñame en mi viaje fotográfico por Tenerife ¡y no dudes en dejar tus comentarios o preguntas sobre viajar por españa y cómo aprender español en Tenerife! … read more »

Rita and Her Truck

by suzanne.pope on Monday, March 06, 2017

We met Rita in Salamanca at don Quijote Spanish School and were instantly drawn to her charismatic charm . She is a playful, friendly woman full of love for life and travel. When she told us her story featuring her big yellow truck we just had to know more. Read below for our interview with Rita and discover why she left home for the road with her trusty yellow truck. Conocimos a Rita en la escuela de español don Quijote de Salamanca y, nos encantó su carisma . Es una persona alegre y amistosa, llena de amor por la vida y por viajar. Cuando nos contó su historia y la de su camión amarillo gigante quisimos saber más. Lee esta entrevista y descubre por qué Rita dejó su casa y empezó su viaje. So tell us your story. How did you get here? ¡Cuéntanos tu historia! ¿Cómo llegaste hasta aquí? … read more »

The Burial of the Sardine and the end of Carnival!

by suzanne.pope on Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Today Carnival ends, but the crazy costumes are not packed away yet! There is one more celebration to mark the end of Carnival’s indulgences – El Entierro de la Sardina ( Burial of the Sardines). If you are studying Spanish with us in Spain or just happen to be in one of our destinations tonight, we highly recommend you check out the festivities! Here are a few of the best celebrations and where to find them. El Carnaval termina, pero las costumbres curiosas no terminan todavía. Queda una celebración para el fin del Carnaval, el entierro de la Sardina. Si estás estudiando en España o estás en alguno de nuestros destinos te recomendamos que te unas a la fiesta en…: … read more »

Q&A with IEG Founder Antonio Anadón

by suzanne.pope on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our president and founder had his first study abroad experience at age 13, at 17 started his own business and today he runs a multinational company (with 32 campuses and over 40,000 students per year!) from two cities he calls home, Madrid and London. We wanted to know how he does it all, so earlier this week we sat down with him for interview about his habits, routine and lifestyle. So, what’s it like to run one of the biggest Spanish language company in the world? Entonces, ¿Cómo es dirigir una de las empresas de español más grandes de del mundo? … read more »

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